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Finally, there’s the enterprise plan which costs $999 per month and is designed for larger companies that need more advanced features than what’s offered by other plans. There are a lot of backlink building tools that provide users with a full package of SEO and SERP tools, including services for work with lists of influencers and media. Rank in the SERP’s Top 10. I know how it’s important to сreate websites in a way that they are loved both by Google and people. We use Google Analytics to collect anonymous statistical information such as the number of visitors to our site. Track, analyze, and convert your visitors into buyers. Whether you’re a seasoned SEO professional or just starting your digital journey, investing in a reliable backlink checker tool is a wise decision that can unlock new possibilities and propel your website’s visibility and authority to new heights. FREE PODCAST AND VIDEO SERIES ALSO AVAILABLE AS A BOOK.

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But to research and view other websites’ backlinks and use their more advanced link building tools, you’ll need a paid plan starting at $99/month. Price: $99 per month onwards. Learn more about managing your data and rights. It’s a waste of exercise that should be automated. Have a nice interface. Io remains a top choice for professionals, marketers, and businesses seeking to expand their networks and reach the right people with confidence. As well as the backlink tools, you’ll also get access to all Moz’s other SEO tools.

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To find backlinks, LinkMiner offers three data sources, including “All,” which generates all backlinks from the indexes. AIO SEO not only provides backlink analysis but also offers on page optimization, XML sitemap generation, and advanced meta tags management, among other WordPress centric SEO tools. There is a high chance you will find many of your competitors there, but you will also discover blogs or other websites with similar product reviews, guides or top lists from your industry that you could reach out to. But if these sites have ever backlinked to you, then you’re going to be dragged down with them. Not only is this a Rank Tracker tool, but it can also be used for Keyword research. Serpple simplifies this task by replacing manual spreadsheets and conducting verifications. AHrefs is undoubtedly one of the Best Backlink Checker Tools. Our marketing expertsand proven strategiescan improve your. Reply STOP to unsubscribe. You can also view the top performing content backlink monitoring of other domains. Look for the following functions to avail of your investment. You can use this data to improve your SEO campaign by finding new link opportunities and analyzing existing ones. This report usually includes information like the source URL, anchor text, number of linking domains, and link status active/inactive. To do this, just get the GSC upload.

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You’ll be able to see all the links you selected in the Disavow screen. Backlinks play a crucial role in the way search engines rank websites. It will show you broken links and those you’ve lost. Moz is similar to Ahrefs in that it is a complete suite of SEO tools. You’re now on the path to high quality backlinks. There are a lot more sections in the report than I can fit into a single screenshot, but here’s some of it. As one of the more accurate SEO tools, it will give you weekly updates on new links of your competitors and every few days it checks your current backlinks, to see if any changes occurred. It’s now up to you to find the tool you think is most suited to your needs. India’s electoral system, which produces genuine leaders, must be designed for the country’s long term growth. Users of this link building tool for SEO get 3 months free if paid annually.


For the search engine marketing industry, building backlinks has become a significant industry of its own. You can also use the tool to analyze what links need to be removed to improve your page rank. If you receive any backlinks from these websites, then better have it removed ASAP. It is easy to use and provides valuable information about your website’s backlink profile. From this graph you can see how many new ones were indexed and to what extent. Many famous online marketers use it. Choose relevant blogs of your niche to start guest blogging. Just enter a domain name into the search box on the official website, hit the ‘Get backlinks data’ button and you will immediately get link analyses. GrowthBar strips away all the massive keyword lists, complicated dashboards and displays just the key information you need right in front of you while you’re browsing Google. With a 20% discount, if you select a yearly plan. 1 million pages per minute, meaning you’ll be able to see new, broken, and lost backlinks very quickly.

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Typically, SEO software with competitive analysis capabilities offers competitor identification, competitor website analysis, keyword analysis, and backlink analysis. Here’s the backlink data for “sephora. Our SEO course covers all these key skills and how they coordinate to become an effective marketing strategy. But how do you find these opportunities. It’s important to stay on top of link quality, and this post provides great tips and advice on how to do so. Which tool do you use to check backlinks. It will alert you when a bad link appears on the profile or if any of the mentions have a no follow tag. Screaming Frog: This desktop based tool crawls websites and helps monitor and analyze broken links, redirects, backlinks, page titles, alt text, meta descriptions, and more. Its backlink monitoring tool is particularly noteworthy, offering a high degree of customization to suit your specific needs. Therefore, using a backlink monitoring tool can help you make sure you have high quality and relevant backlinks to enhance your website’s search engine ranking and visibility. It offers a backlink checker feature that you can use to analyze backlinks. One of the best link building software for monitoring backlinks is Aherfs. However, as in other areas, it requires a cautious and balanced approach.

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I believe this occurred because the article was recently updated. Google Keyword Planner includes two main features: one for exploratory keyword research and discovery and another for more in depth research on search volume and forecasting. There is also a 7 day trial available for $7, allowing users to test the tool before committing to a subscription. It also offers an easy to use interface and a wide range of features, making it a good choice for those who are new to backlink analysis. This can be a lifesaver if you need to prospect a large number of websites quickly. As a result, get the complete backlinks report to make an anchor texts plan, analyze link donors and create a competitive backlink profile. SEMrush’s pricing is between $99 and $399 per month. So is tracking its status regularly to keep the inbound reference live. For example, maybe a sketchy looking domain linked to you, but upon investigation, you determine that it’s a legitimate site you just didn’t know about.

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Although many of the listed tools are free, they provide only limited information or only allow you to monitor a limited number of links. It can check mentions on social media, news sites, websites, and blogs. To build links using Ahrefs, you can use these tools. This free tool lets you see the 100 best backlinks to any domain or web page. Your backlinks will be checked daily and Google’s index is checked for referring pages every five days. Link Context is a feature unique to Majestic.


With its white label reports, you can give your clients and leads professional SEO reports at the click of a button. By considering these factors and comparing the features of different tools, you can choose the right user friendly backlink monitoring tool that suits your specific needs and preferences. Ubersuggest from Neil Patel is a free backlink checker tool that helps you perform backlink analysis and identify the weaker aspects of your link building Strategy. “This insight allows you to optimize your marketing strategy to generate more links for pages that don’t perform well. Samuel HounkpeSEO Consultant Weboref FR. After playing around with Ranktracker and discussing its various features with Felix, it’s clear to me they have a solid product. High quality backlinks are vital if you want to rank higher on search engines. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive the best tools, resources and discounts. This information makes it possible to build your site’s backlink directory. Com is one of the forerunners among SEO tools. Check any website, URL or subsection to see actionable and insightful SEO metrics. The anchor text section of this tool is free to use and gives you ideas for anchor texts for targeted keywords.

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Are you struggling to build backlinks to your website. So, what could go wrong if you do not manage your backlinks. Step 3: Once Semrush has finished analyzing the website, it will generate a report of all the backlinks pointing to the website. What makes them valuable in the first place. Recommended reading: How to Build Backlinks with Semrush: 10 Actionable Tips. To get a real picture of your inbound references profile. Get the lowdown on your rivals – who’s linking to them, what java lingo they’re brewing up in anchor texts, and where you can get in on the action. If Google doesn’t think a URL is valuable enough to add to its index, why should we consider that backlink valuable. Get the new Chrome Extension. A referring domain contains a lot more information than a backlink. The more links you have, the higher your site is likely to rank in search engines. What about the keywords your website ranks for. We’ll recrawl your links frequently and report on the important changes. You’ll see a box where you can enter your site’s address URL.

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Keep up the great writing. Here are the results. Gareth Simpson,CEO of Seeker Digital. Let’s say you’re a fitness guru. Unusually, Monitor Backlinks is an SEO tool which is perfected suited to any size of company as is mirrored by its large range of packages. It’s important to note that Lost backlinks are backlinks that could not be found by our bot over the last 60 days. SEMRush also allows you to analyze how toxic these links are for your website.

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Plus, its built in analytics enable you to track your progress and see how your SEO efforts are paying off. Interested in getting advice and insights about running a small business in 2023. Also, Majestic reveals if a link is dofollow or nofollow. Similarly, the competitor research tools are just as straightforward and offer solid value for sites struggling to rank. Its major features include email reports, SEO metrics, link analytics, link visualize, export to Excel and PDF, easy link management, new links discovery, Moz data, multi user support, and an easy Disavow tool. If all your competitors have backlinks from the same domains, then you can grab this opportunity and build links with them as well. Our monetization expertsare happy to help. This means most of the money you’re paying every month is going towards keyword research features. It allows users to research keywords and competitors, provide relevant and useful content, optimize site visibility, and keep track of SEO performance. Finally, the top anchor text category highlights the text/keyword/name/url that is the most used to refer to your website with a link.

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Backlink monitoring tools are pieces of software or online services that help website owners track and analyze their website’s backlinks. Now that you know what backlinks are and how to build them, the next step is to start monitoring your backlink profile. What I like the most about Monitor Backlinks is that we can keep track of every single link, and that we can see the status of those links when they change or become obsolete. You can update the data in this report with the green “Show updated results” button. The best backlink monitoring tools provide detailed information about the links in their reports. Take the effort to assess and maintain a healthy mix of dofollow and nofollow links to ensure that your backlink profile is robust and effective. Robots meta tags and x robots tags with the rules. You can also analyze how your backlinks are performing by checking domain and page authority, anchor text, and referring domains, with detailed reports. SEMrush gives you a lot of important information about any URL that you enter, including the backlinks pointing to the site. Some of them require a plan a step up above the starter plan, but that’s fine; it’s still cheaper at that point than a lot of other tools.

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Majestic creates backlink history charts automatically, showing you whether links are gaining ground. This is one of the best keyword and backlink management tools. You can use this data to improve your SEO campaign by finding new link opportunities and analyzing existing ones. Step 6: To check potentially damaging links for any website, you can take a look at the “Spam Score” tab. The platform’s automation tool can help you build prospect lists and automate outreach to these targets. Co, we use a Backlink Checker powered by Moz Link Explorer. As you might expect, this tool is designed specifically to help you find link opportunities. Plus, you must consider the features, accuracy, support, and overall reputation of the tool when comparing prices. Contact webmasters and request updates or seek alternative link exchange opportunities. Semrush is another top rated SEO tool that may come in handy while checking your backlink profile.


And Majestic is the best tool to help you assess that. Get the most detailed backlink data. Open the tool, add your domain and the domains of up to four competitors, and click “Find prospects. Advanced Search Engine Optimization SEO Program. This will save your side from any major backlash that may happen. 800 303 3510 Billing Inquiries Only. What makes Ranktracker backlink monitor software stand out among similar services is its comprehensive and real time backlink monitoring capabilities, combined with advanced analytics, reporting, and competitor analysis features. Join over 95,000 people in Zutrix’s SEO Club.

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No not at the moment, but it would definitely make a great addition to the tools I’m already providing. Your email address will not be published. You can also grab a 14 day free trial to test the software. For example, to get a higher ranking, you would want a well known platform like Forbes to have a backlink to your website. Receive notifications when new or missing connections are discovered. Unshackle your potential with Linkody’s multifaceted features. After that, it’s priced from $99/month.


Davids Square, London, England, E14 3WA. Hit on the enter key or search icon to start spying. Linkio checks new and lost links daily to ensure you don’t miss opportunities for higher rankings. Detect the anchors that websites linking to your website use most — and get the corresponding percentage for each. If so, one of the best backlink analysis tools you can use is AIOSEO’s Link Assistant. If you want you can disable cookies from Google Analytics. With this tool, you can see which keywords you or your competitors rank for and track changes in your link building profile over time. A major highlight of Monitor Backlinks is its keyword rank tracking feature. Among these is the task assignment functionality, which lets managers or team leaders delegate tasks. Or Sign in using your credentials. DataForSEO aggregates data from search engines, marketplaces, review platforms, and billions of other websites across the web to provide you with unique insights for building innovative digital marketing solutions. But that’s not true anymore.

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All content is © 2023 EarningGuys. After all, search engines take backlinks from unique domains into account when calculating the website weight. Analyze pages on your site with links from other external sites and identify high performing content. They offer discounts for higher tier plans, of course. MOZ is another comprehensive SEO analytics tool that takes you through everything from competitor analysis to keyword research. In this post, I will share the best backlink analysis tools that you should be using to improve your website’s SEO. Although it is a paid subscription service, it gives you a plethora of options, for instance, keyword search, website audit, and rank search. If you need tools for specialized link building, one of the platforms we’ve covered might be right for you. It also allows you to see the deleted backlinks. You can then check more information about the campaigns in the dashboard. Does higher domain authority automatically means a higher ranking in search results. To avoid this, keep all your content up to date and ensure you’re securing links from relevant pages. But we’re treating each provider by quality rather than fame, so let’s see what it has to offer backlink wise. It’s not uncommon for competitors to implement links to your website that can raise alarms and associate you with untrustworthy sites.